1:54 PM EDT
Jeb Hensarling, R-TX 5th

Mr. HENSARLING. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I was very interested, Madam Speaker, to hear the gentleman from Colorado defend the job statistics under the Democratic rule of Congress. I don't know too many Democrats coming to the floor who want to defend 9.7 percent unemployment. Frankly, it's one of the major reasons that the legislation on the floor ought to be opposed today. Madam Speaker, it's a job killer. Once again, we have legislation that will make credit less available and more expensive.

Let me point out four different aspects of this bill. No. 1, it creates a permanent Wall Street bailout authority. If you build it, they will come. You build a bailout authority because you expect to bail people out. There's a choice to be had here. Republicans believe in the Bankruptcy Code. There are improvements that need to be made; and under the leadership of our ranking member, SPENCER BACHUS, we introduced that legislation. But our Democratic friends prefer bailouts, bailouts over


Now they continue to say that the taxpayer won't be called upon to pay for these bailouts. Well, isn't it kind of funny how throughout this conference process, every time they've had an opportunity to choose either the taxpayers or the Wall Street banks, they somehow choose the Wall Street banks? And, in fact, when it came down to the government-sponsored enterprises, they set up a choice--I didn't set up the choice--but they set up a choice of who going forward is going to fund the bailout of

government-sponsored enterprises. Should it be Wall Street banks or should it be the taxpayers? And they decided that it ought to be the taxpayers.

Just yesterday at the 11th hour--actually it was way past the 11th hour--they came up with a new funding mechanism, taking money away from TARP that was supposed to be used for deficit reduction; and, instead, they're going to use it to help fund the bill, most of which the Congressional Budget Office says goes to the Wall Street bailout authority. This is No. 2. The No. 2 incident where they had a choice between choosing the taxpayers or Wall Street banks, they chose Wall Street banks.

A permanent bailout authority costs jobs. They create this new bureau to ban and ration consumer credit--literally to decide whether or not you can have a credit card, small business line of credit, what kind of mortgage you can get on your home. There is functionally a new banks tax that makes derivatives more expensive, less available. All of this is going to harm job creation.

You know, I talk to small businesses in my district, like a gentleman from Jacksonville, Texas: ``I am a one-man operation. With all the legislation coming down the line, I will stay a one-man operation. If lines of credit dry up, I will no longer be able to maintain safe operating equipment and be forced to cease operations.''

Reject the job-killing bill and the permanent bailout authority.