2:03 PM EDT
Barney Frank, D-MA 4th

Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. If the gentleman would yield, let me say, first, you know, there has been some mockery because this bill has a large number of pages, although our bills are smaller, especially on the page. We do that--by the way, there are also other people who complain sometimes that we've left too much discretion to the regulators. It's a complex bill dealing with a lot of subjects, and we want to make sure we get it right, and we want to make sure it's interpreted correctly.

The point the gentleman makes is absolutely correct. We do not want these overdone. We don't want there to be excessive regulation. And the distinction the gentleman draws is very much in this bill, and we are confident that the regulators will appreciate that distinction, maintain it, and we will be there to make sure that they do.