2:24 PM EDT
Keith Ellison, D-MN 5th

Mr. ELLISON. Mr. Speaker, let me just correct one very, very serious flaw and that is to somehow blame the effort to house Americans for this crisis. This crisis, this financial crisis, has to do with a failure to regulate, a failure to give consumer protection to people who are getting mortgages that they couldn't pay for on tricky and unsound terms, because we are now going to have a consumer protection bureau designed to protect those very same consumers. We are bringing stability to the market.

We are bringing people a chance to have a home that they actually can pay for on terms that they actually will understand.

This consumer financial protection bill is going to be something that will help people keep the money that they earn and to make sound financial investments and purchases that will allow them to prosper and grow unlike the ones we saw in the past where Republican leadership let the laissez-faire economy move right on along without consumer protection, without oversight, which landed us in this serious, serious crisis.

The fact is, Mr. Speaker, the financial crisis that we're in is a result of a [Page: H5229]

lack of oversight, a lack of regulation, a lack of clear rules; and this particular piece of legislation will bring real clarity. It will also help banks. It will help small community banks because they will be able to compete on equal footing. Their competitors will now be regulated, which they were not in the past; and small banks will be able to say that the products that

they offer will be able to be offered to the consumer on a basis similar to those unregulated financial institutions which now will be regulated.

So, Mr. Speaker, I think it is a good time to say that this bill is an excellent step forward. It will help stop the nickel and diming of Americans. It will help stop the targeting of people for financial mistreatment, and it will bring greater stability to our economy.