2:31 PM EDT
Pete Sessions, R-TX 32nd

Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, I find it very interesting that the same people who are down here who are arguing for us to give them the responsibility and authority and who are espousing how balanced their bill is are the same people who are bankrupting this country. They don't even apply their own logic and common sense to what they pass in this House. They talk about all of this balance and responsibility and about how they are worried about the middle class. Yet they are bankrupting this country.

Yet they are causing the largest unemployment that we have had in the modern era. They are not even talking about what they have done to create that circumstance, and they are trying to point the finger at somebody else. I think that that is irresponsibility.

Mr. Speaker, at this time I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from Clinton Township, New Jersey (Mr. Lance), a member of the committee.