2:34 PM EDT
Phil Hare, D-IL 17th

Mr. HARE. Mr. Speaker, for too long the irresponsible actions of big banks have put American families at risk. Today, with the passage of this financial reform legislation, we will finally begin to protect consumers on Main Street from the greed on Wall Street.

Predatory lending, risky schemes, and exploiting loopholes were just some of the tricks used by Wall Street fat cats to send our economy spiraling to the brink of a depression, but under this bill, we are ending these practices, and we are shining new light on products and transactions that threaten the stability of the financial system.

This bill is a landmark achievement in consumer protection by establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, dedicated to ensuring that bank loans, mortgages, and credit cards are fair, affordable, understandable, and, most importantly, transparent.

This bill is good for small business. It is good for consumers, and it is good [Page: H5230]

for the financial security of our great Nation. It will also ensure that our financial sector will continue to remain an engine of economic growth, which is one of the reasons the Community Bankers Association of Illinois supports this legislation.

I want to thank Chairman Frank and all of the members of the Democratic leadership for having the courage to do what is right and for standing up for American families.

Today, we have the opportunity to say enough is enough, to rein in Wall Street, and to protect our constituents. I ask my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join me in supporting this critical piece of legislation.