2:38 PM EDT
Mike McMahon, D-NY 13th

Mr. McMAHON. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in full support of the bill and this rule.

I commend Chairman Frank, Chairman Peterson, and all of the Members and their staffs who have worked so hard.

This legislation, Mr. Speaker, addresses many of the problems at the heart of the financial crisis while allowing us to build an even stronger regulatory foundation for future economic growth and stability in our financial markets, which we need, undoubtedly, to create jobs in the American economy.

Since my first days in Congress, I have called for smart, thoughtful, new regulations for our shared goals of reform without unnecessarily burdening our economy or forcing our financial industries overseas. After a year and a half of debate, discussion--and although not perfect--I think we have struck the right balance here, and I am proud to support this bill. It is good for America. It is good for New York City. It is good for the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn, who sent me here to represent


In particular, I applaud the effort to bring greater transparency, accountability, and oversight to our derivatives markets. This bill will make sure that our regulators in the private sector understand that outstanding swap exposures for individual companies will never be allowed again to bring about a situation like what happened with AIG. This legislation also recognizes the important role that derivatives play in actually reducing systemic risk for our end user companies and in increasing

the flow of credit throughout our economy.

[Time: 14:40]

Whether it is an airplane or farm machinery manufacturer hedging against currency risks, a commercial real estate company or life insurance annuity hedging against interest rate fluctuation, or an energy provider trying to hedge the price of oil and gas, derivatives are vital tools to keep consumer prices low and to help manage company budgets. These end-user companies pose little or no systemic risk to our economy, and this bill protects them from unnecessary and burdensome margin and clearing


Again, I thank Chairman Frank and his staff for allowing me to be part of this process, and I thank the gentleman from Colorado for yielding me this time.