2:41 PM EDT
Pete Sessions, R-TX 32nd

Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, as I said earlier, it is important to provide consumer safety and security in the marketplace, but our constituents are also concerned about much, much more. They are concerned about jobs, they are concerned about the economy, and they are concerned about the tremendous debt this Nation has taken on.

Week after week we come to the House floor to debate bills and to talk about the agenda that the Democratic majority wants to have on the floor, and it would be true to say that Republicans oppose that agenda, because it is about taxing, it is about spending, it is about more debt, it is about bigger government, and it is about the diminishment of free enterprise system jobs. It is about the things that the American people have said they do not have confidence in this body solving.

Whether it is cap-and-trade, health care, or government takeover of the financial sector, my friends in the majority are ready every single week to stick it to the free enterprise system. My friends the Democrats seem more interested in accomplishing their political agenda than trying to help the American people.

Once again, today, we have a job loss bill on the floor. That is really what we should call this--more big government, fewer private sector jobs, $18 billion in fees that will have to be paid by the banks that will be passed on to consumers, just on and on and on.

Every Member of this body has a chance to say no to more spending, more big government, more rules and regulations, and somehow to show the American people that they can make tough choices and cut spending.

I encourage a ``no'' vote on the rule and a ``no'' vote on the underlying legislation. And I appreciate the gentleman from Colorado and his engagement with me today.

I yield back the balance of my time.