4:37 PM EDT
Vernon J. Ehlers, R-MI 3rd

Mr. EHLERS. I thank the gentleman for yielding again.

Madam Speaker, I would like to follow up on comments made by my fellow physicist, Dr. Holt, about how art is spreading and multiplying.

In the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the center of my district in my hometown, we have established the ArtPrize. A relatively young man by the name of Rick DeVos started this last year. It has been extremely successful. There have been entries from all over the world--many very, very good entries. We have just this week started again the ArtPrize for this year, again under the leadership of Rick DeVos. With the assistance of his family, they have done tremendous work.

I could not believe the quality of the art that was on display last year when my wife and I and some members of my family strolled through the streets of Grand Rapids. Every corner, every street, every building front, and every building lobby was filled with art. We attracted some 300,000 people to our city just to see the art that was on display.

This is an example that I would hope would be followed someday by most of the cities of our Nation. Certainly, in the meantime, though, it is a wonderful event, and it brings in many people from different parts of the country and, indeed, from different parts of the world to view the wonderful art that is on display in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.