2:12 PM EDT
Steve King, R-IA 5th

Mr. KING of Iowa. Mr. Chairman, this amendment that decreases a line item by a million dollars and then increases it by a million dollars is the parliamentarily approved method by which we direct some intent into this appropriation legislation that we have.

As a lot of the world knows by now, and as I viewed from this morning as it was getting light as we took off from the Omaha airport, we have water that is a mile to as wide as 11 miles wide, and that's just getting to Missouri, and it may well be wider downstream Missouri. The Missouri River itself, which flooded in 1952, and in that year it was the last flood they hoped for all time. They built the Pick-Sloan program. That is six dams in the Upper Missouri River. The Corps of Engineers' construction

of those was designed to prevent a flood of similar magnitude of 1952.

What has happened is that in 1952--for awhile this year they had the largest amount of water to flow down the Missouri River--came down in 1952 in April, and that was 13.2 million acre-feet of water. In May of this year, coming out of the Missouri River, it was 10.5 million acre-feet of water. And one might think we can deal with that. Well, we could not.

We are flooded, and this water is going to stay up now for another month or longer. And we got the records from June of this year, and that became not 13.2 but 13.8 million acre-feet, more water in a single month than to ever come down the Missouri River since we have been keeping records. And, Mr. Chairman, that is just 2 months, and this continues. This year will be the largest volume of water to go down the Missouri River since we have been keeping records.