4:31 PM EDT
Lee Terry, R-NE 2nd

Mr. TERRY. I tried to make the case that this is basically reiterating already current duties and responsibilities of the Corps but stressing that they need to look specifically at what caused this devastating flood.

I have to admit that you're probably going to rule that this is legislating, but I have got to tell you I'm extremely disappointed. If we had somebody in the Missouri Valley on the Appropriations Committee, they could have done something similar to this in committee, but yet when somebody from outside the committee comes here at the right opportunity, then somehow it's out of order.

I just don't know how I go back to my constituents and tell them that the leadership in the House has raised an objection to this study. So I'm disappointed for my constituents. I'm disappointed, frankly, in the fact that something like this that's so necessary and obvious wasn't accepted.

The Acting CHAIR. Does any other Member wish to speak to the gentleman's point of order?

If not, the Chair is prepared to rule.

The Chair finds that this amendment imposes new duties on the Army Corps of Engineers.

The amendment therefore constitutes legislation in violation of clause 2 of rule XXI.

The point of order is sustained and the amendment is not in order.