3:34 PM EST
John Campbell, R-CA 48th

Mr. CAMPBELL. I thank the gentleman from Washington for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, the facts of the bill have been presented by both of the gentlemen speaking before me.

This bill actually passed the floor of this House by a vote of 397-4 in the last Congress. They simply ran out of time in the Senate; otherwise, I think it would be law today. So I appreciate everyone's indulgence with passing this bill off this floor again today, I hope.

It has been mentioned that this was from 1935. Of these rocks and small islands, they originally thought, oh, we might put lighthouses there. Then they thought they might use them to help defend the California coast against Japanese submarines during World War II. Neither of those purposes is of much value anymore. So that's why, if we put this in the California Coastal National Monument, we will be able to preserve these rocks and islands and the sea life around them, and they will become a

part of our environmental heritage going forward.

With that, I thank everyone for their assistance.