3:52 PM EDT
Zoe Lofgren, D-CA 16th

Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California. I will be brief. I do feel the need to address the issue that the chairman has raised; I think he misunderstands the issue.

We have, in U.S. universities, graduating in STEM fields 10,000 Ph.D. and 30,000 masters degrees a year. Assuming that all 40,000 want to stay in the United States--and that is not a valid assumption--we will not use up all of the 50,000 visas. It is true that the EB2s might apply, but many of them did not go to American universities. So the easiest way to make sure these visas are not eliminated is to do what happens in all the rest of the immigration EB categories, which is to allow those visas

to flow.

Finally, I just have to say I have never once been asked by a high-tech company to have some online university be the awarder of the Ph.D. It's not a demand, it's not an interest that anybody in the technology field has ever expressed to me.