3:57 PM EDT
Lamar S. Smith, R-TX 21st

Mr. SMITH of Texas. Mr. Speaker, on the way to yielding to the majority leader of the House, I'd like to respond very quickly to what the gentleman from Maryland just said.

I want to make, again, the points that the Diversity Visa invites fraud, and absolutely means that we would have a security risk if we were to continue it.

I want to quote the assistant Secretary of State. The assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services has testified that Diversity Visa fraud includes:

Multiple entries, fraudulent claims to education or work experience, pop-up spouses or family members, relatives added after the application is submitted, and false claims for employment or financial support in the United States.

The State Department's Inspector General has testified that the Diversity Visa program:

Contains significant risk to national security from hostile intelligence officers, criminals and terrorists attempting to use the program for entry into the United States as permanent residents.

We've already had one individual who was admitted on a Diversity Visa try to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993. He killed six people and injured hundreds of people. That's why this program is not good for this country.

I'm more than happy to yield 1 minute to the gentleman from Virginia (Mr. Cantor), the majority leader for the House of Representatives.