4:28 PM EDT
Jeff Flake, R-AZ 6th

Mr. FLAKE. I thank the gentleman for yielding, Mr. Speaker.

I rise in strong support of the STEM Jobs Act.

For the past three Congresses, I've worked on this issue with the introduction of the STAPLE Act, which would do much the same as this bill does, as well as support for other pieces of legislation that do what this piece of legislation does, which is allow those who are trained in our universities here to contribute to the U.S. economy.

We all know that it's not government that creates jobs, that the job of government is to enable the private sector to create jobs. I can think of no better way than to allow the private sector access to the brainpower and knowledge of those who have been trained in our universities to stay here and help create jobs.

This is a good piece of legislation. It's one of the few pieces of immigration legislation that has bipartisan support. I urge its adoption.