4:31 PM EDT
Dan Lungren, R-CA 3rd

Mr. DANIEL E. LUNGREN of California. Mr. Speaker, let's remember where we are. Up until 1965, we had a quota system that essentially gave advantages to certain countries to get their people in here versus others.

We removed that in 1965. We went to a worldwide quota system based on the fact that everyone around the world would have an equal chance to get to the United States based on their talents and their reason for coming here.

In about 1981, there was a cry that we weren't getting enough Irish coming in here. Tip O'Neill--I recall, I was here on the floor at this time--Tip O'Neill and Teddy Kennedy worked together to create the Diversity program that allowed anybody to apply for it at 12:01 a.m. one morning.

What do you know, only the Irish knew about it. We got essentially Irish in. That worked for a while. Then we changed it so that they and others were no longer allowed, and we only allowed certain countries in. We're going back to a quota system by country. It doesn't make sense. It ought to be a worldwide quota system.

In addition, I would just say that most African American immigrants in the U.S. do not come through the Diversity program. We have many who are engaged in the STEM program study here. Just 3,000 from Nigeria alone would be able to participate.