3:25 PM EDT
Bill Cassidy M.D., R-LA 6th

Mr. CASSIDY. Mr. Speaker, this bill doesn't cripple anything. Laws that are currently on the books stay on the books. The problem is that the EPA uses bad science. I say that not as a Republican. I say that as quoting other scientists.

For example, a gentleman who is a former member of the Harvard School of Public Health testified: ``EPA's statistical approach is fraught with numerous assumptions and uncertainties.'' A physician from the Colorado School of Public Health said that the way that EPA uses statistics ``is also highly misleading to policymakers.''

I will make the point. You cannot be pro-family unless you are pro-environment, and you cannot be pro-environment unless you are pro-family, but you can't be either unless you first have a strong and healthy economy. Now, the Energy Consumers Relief Act simply puts a check on the billion-dollar energy rules that may hurt American families and cost American jobs.

If you support transparency and good government, you should support this bill. If you support protecting American families and consumers from higher energy costs, you should support H.R. 1582. If you support having the prosperity needed for families and for environmental health protections, you should support H.R. 1582. If you are pro-jobs, pro-economic growth and anti-poverty, you should support H.R. 1582.

I urge you to vote ``no'' on this motion to recommit. I urge you to support the Energy Consumers Relief Act.

I yield back the balance of my time.