5:43 PM EST
Sheila Jackson Lee, D-TX 18th

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, somewhere in America a young child will not be able to see their immigrant parents come home this evening. In every State in the Union, there are individuals that are undocumented that simply want an opportunity to work and dream here in America.

I am in the midst of a 1-day fast to encourage the passage of reasonable, sensible, comprehensive immigration reform. Yesterday, 119 Houstonians stood with me to commit to fasting until this bill of comprehensive immigration reform is passed: border security; earned access to citizenship; elements of paying fines; elements of doing charitable work; ensuring that the arts and businesses come together and have the resources and talent that they need; and creating jobs.

In Texas, there are 400,000 immigrants with some billion-plus dollars. Removing that would have a terrible impact on the economy. Passing comprehensive immigration reform is not only economically sound, but it is the [Page: H209]

humane, dignified thing to do. This Congress must come together, Republicans and Democrats, and give dignity to those soldiers and others who simply want an opportunity to serve and be part of the American Dream.