5:45 PM EST
Ted Poe, R-TX 2nd

Mr. POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, a large number of Spanish-speaking Americans live in my congressional district. They recently brought to my attention the new 2-month-late Obama enrollment Web site: cuidadodesalud.gov. Here it is right here on the Web site. But in English that translates to: ``cautionofhealth.gov.'' Sounds like a warning to me.

Only the government could be so incompetent to get the title of the Web site wrong. This site is riddled with embarrassing computerized English-to-Spanish translations. Some things are in Spanish, some things are in English, and some things are in Spanglish. This incompetence is insulting and confusing to Americans who speak only Spanish.

Ironically, the Web site does tell the truth: people should be cautious about government health care. The name of the Web site should be officially changed to ``Caution:ObamaCare.''

It is hard enough to sign up for ObamaCare. If the government decides to have a Spanish ObamaCare Web site, you would think the government and its vast resources could at least have a Spanish Web site in accurate Spanish.

And that's just the way it is.