7:00 PM EST
Jeff Denham, R-CA 10th

Mr. DENHAM. Well, certainly, one of the big concerns right now is where are these jobs? These were stimulus dollars that were supposed to be ready for shovel-ready projects 5 years ago--5 years ago--and still not one shovel is in the ground. Not one job is created. Now, unlike Texas and Florida that are creating jobs, that are putting the infrastructure in, certainly in California they could come up with a better plan. They could go along the I-5 corridor. They could use the existing rail corridor

that has been abandoned. There are other opportunities if they truly want to cut costs. But if they don't want to change, they don't want to revise their budget and they have no private investor, the question still remains, what obligation do you have to go back to the California taxpayer? You are obligating the California taxpayer for nearly $10 billion, and you are not fulfilling the Prop 1A guarantee that they voted on.

So, at a certain point, I believe that we have to force the California High-Speed Rail Authority to go back to the voters and seek approval. Change your plans. Go back to the voters and let the voters decide.