7:11 PM EST
Doug LaMalfa, R-CA 1st

Mr. LaMALFA. Indeed, when the stimulus money first started coming available, there were other States that applied for high-speed rail money, such as Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I believe that after they looked at their numbers, ran the figures on projects that were eligible for that stimulus money, they turned that money back and went back into this pool. Of course, California said it wants it; but interestingly, it would have been a much smaller portion had California been sharing

with those other States what Federal money would have come to the State. So the other ones said, We have looked at the numbers, and we are turning that money back in.

I think we ought to apply some of the same logic as the other States looked at when they had Federal money available, eligible funds, that they indeed turned back.

So I really appreciate your leadership on this, Congressman Denham, and we will be doing a lot more to make sure this is held accountable to the public here. I look forward to your hearing tomorrow on this matter.