7:23 PM EDT
Alan B. Mollohan, D-WV 1st

Mr. MOLLOHAN. Mr. Chairman, I would first point out to the gentleman that I am not sure this is the bill on which the gentleman should make his arguments against a National Climate Service.

It is true that there is considerable discussion within the administration and outside of government in consideration of a National Climate Service and also in the authorizing committees here in the Congress.

It is also true that we have some money in this bill--for research and satellites--that is in anticipation of an authorization of a National Climate Service. That money is also needed by the Weather Service. Of course, the gentleman understands we fund the National Weather Service through the Commerce Department accounts.

To really try to impact or prevent the creation of the National Climate Service, I would suggest to the gentleman that this is the wrong place to go. We ought to respect the authorizing process. The gentleman, I would assume, will direct his efforts with regard to frustrating the creation of a National Climate Service to the authorizing process--and the gentleman may serve on that committee, I don't know. That's the place where, respectfully, where you could better direct your efforts. An appropriations

bill, particularly in one in which the organization is not even stood up, is, I think, the wrong place for the gentleman to direct his energies.

So, for that reason and others that deal with the necessity for this Nation and for the world to better understand what is happening to the world's climate and how global climate change is going to adversely impact our lives, I would oppose the gentleman's amendment.

Most importantly, I would just like to suggest to the gentleman that this isn't the place to deal with this issue particularly at this time.

I reserve the balance of my time.