1:36 PM EDT
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR 3rd

Mr. BLUMENAUER. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the gentleman's courtesy, and I am really bitterly disappointed that we would have somebody come before us to break the commitment that we have to the previous BRAC-round cleanups, communities across the country who are going to wait up to 60 years to have their bases cleaned up, to take that funding and further reduce it. I think this is a very cruel cut.

If you wanted to do something, you've got $13 billion in the 2005 BRAC account that is only going to be spent a maximum of 10 percent. Why in heaven's name would we reach back and penalize people who have been waiting in some cases since 1988 to have the Federal Government keep its commitment to base closure and cleanup. I think this is cruel. I think it is unjustified. I think that it is unfair to make these communities that have dealt with unexploded ordnances and military toxins and have land

that is not available for reuse and penalize them for a small amount of veterans health.

I respectfully request that we reject this amendment.