1:42 PM EDT
Chet Edwards, D-TX 17th

Mr. EDWARDS. Reclaiming my time, I certainly don't question the gentleman's motives. Could I ask the gentleman where did the $22 million figure come from.

We increased VA health care spending in this bill by $3.8 billion above what President Bush asked for. That is a $6 billion increase in VA health care spending over last year. That level of funding has been saluted by every national veterans organization, including the American Legion, Military Officers Association of America, AMVETS, National Association for Uniformed Service, Disabled American Veterans, and dozens of others. Where did the gentleman at the last minute come up with the $22 million


We haven't had this conversation at any time during the first 6 months of this year when we were working on adding $10 billion, and it was done on a bipartisan basis, to VA health care funding.

Where did the $22 million figure come from, if I can ask the gentleman?