1:58 PM EDT
Trent Franks, R-AZ 2nd

Mr. FRANKS of Arizona. Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman.

I would only add that it is vitally important from our perspective that NATO countries be encouraged to cooperate with the things that we're doing there and some of the countries that we're working with for the European missile site. We understand that everything you said is correct. We also believe that it doesn't make sense to single out missile defense as the only study that would be prohibited under this section.

And there may come a day when we will have to apologize to the American public for putting so much emphasis on building expensive missile defense capabilities, and if that happens, I will be willing to stand here and do that, but it would be far harder for me to apologize to the American people for failing to do everything that we could on every front to protect the homeland and our European allies and our soldiers and warfighters abroad from the most dangerous offensive weapons that have ever

come upon humanity.

Mr. Chairman, I yield back my time.