11:22 AM EDT
Harry Reid, D-NV

Mr. REID. Mr. President, for the information of all Senators, I have been advised by Senators Dodd and Shelby that they likely will be able to finish their work on the housing bill today.

We have also pending a cloture vote tomorrow morning on the PEPFAR bill. I have had a conversation with the Republican assistant leader and we kind of know where we are on this issue. We could, with consent, move that vote up today or do it in the morning. Whatever, we on this side would be satisfied to do it today.

I have had a conversation with Senator Biden, who has helped a great deal on this piece of legislation, and he said he was going to confer with Senator Lugar to see if the last kinks can be worked out. Frankly, that is doubtful. So we can either have that cloture vote in the morning or this afternoon, and we await the word of the minority as to what they wish to do on that issue.