11:22 PM EDT
Jeff Flake, R-AZ 6th

Mr. FLAKE. Mr. Chairman, there are a lot of commendable education programs, and this is certainly one that is fulfilling its objective.

We are facing a $2 trillion deficit this year alone, and I think it behooves us as Members of Congress to make some choices at some time. I think all of us would love to have money for every worthy project that's out there, but here is a project that is receiving a lot of money from the private sector. I listed off some of the sponsors. They've been able to get large grants from corporations, and that speaks well for this program. Yet it has been around for 9 years, and since 2002, it has received

$1.6 million in earmarks from this body.

At what point do we say, ``Enough is enough''? At what point do we say, ``Yes, it is time to wean this program off of Federal dollars''? If not now, when? When we hit a $3 trillion deficit? At what point do we say, ``We're spending too much''? We all know that we have to borrow any money that we spend on any of these programs because we're running a $2 trillion deficit. I would simply submit that we have got to make some cuts somewhere, and we don't seem to be willing to do it anywhere. So, with

that, I would urge support of the amendment.

I yield back the balance of my time.

The CHAIR. The gentleman from West Virginia has 15 seconds.