1:26 PM EST
Max Baucus, D-MT

Mr. BAUCUS. Mr. President, for the benefit of all Senators, I want to take a moment to review today's program. This is the seventh day of debate on the health care reform bill. It has been nearly 2 1/2 weeks since the majority leader moved to proceed to this bill. We have now considered 14 amendments, and we have conducted 10 rollcalls.

Between now and 3:15 this afternoon, the Senate will continue to debate the amendment by the Senator from Arkansas, Mrs. Lincoln, on insurance company executive compensation and, at the same time, we will debate the amendment by Senator Ensign limiting attorney's fees. The majority controls the first 60 minutes, and the Republicans will control the next 60 minutes. At 3:15 p.m., the Senate will conduct back-to-back votes on or in relation to the Lincoln amendment and the Ensign


Thereafter, we expect to turn to another Democratic first-degree amendment and another Republican first-degree amendment. That is the lineup at this time. It is possible the Senate may vote on those next two amendments today. As a result, additional votes are possible following the two votes at 3:15.

Once again, I thank all Senators for their cooperation and courtesy on this extraordinary weekend session.

Mr. President, I suggest that Senator Harkin be next recognized for 7 minutes.