2:30 PM EST
Sam Brownback, R-KS

Mr. BROWNBACK. I appreciate that. I also note the Ensign amendment, instead of cutting, creates.

A Robert Woods study in 2006 said caps on things such as this hold down awards in cases 20 to 30 percent and increases the supply of physicians, which is something else we need.

I wish to give a better live example that we have in my State of Kansas. In the early 1980s, mid-1980s the piston engine industry of aircraft was just about dead. It had been sued--the aircraft industry, general aviation had been sued so much they were stopping making piston engine aircraft. Congress, finally, because the industry was dead, said we are going to put a 17-year statute of limitations on it so after 17 years you cannot sue the manufacturer anymore after that period of time.

It brought the industry back. They are now being made. There is a new plant in Independence, KS. There is another one that is making this aircraft because there was a limitation put, a reasonable limitation on manufacturing reform.

If we do this, this will create--this will help our medical industry, it will hold down costs, it will increase the number of physicians. These sorts of changes have worked. There is no reason at all not to do this in this bill.