2:37 PM EST
Jon Kyl, R-AZ

Mr. KYL. I thank my colleague from Nevada. I had the opportunity, which we don't have very much anymore, to preside for a half hour, watching over a dozen of my Republican colleagues engaging in a very informative debate for the American people.

It occurred to me, as my colleague from Nevada was talking about his amendment, which would actually reduce the cost of medicine, would reduce the defensive medicine practiced by physicians and, therefore, have a tendency to reduce health care costs, that he was doing that by actually attacking another problem we have been talking about; that is, these runaway lawsuits or these junk lawsuits that have been talked about.

As a person who used to practice law, as I was listening to the Senator, it occurred to me that maybe I should take the microphone and defend the trial lawyers. So I wish to make sure I have the math right.

Under the amendment of my colleague, there would be a cap on the amount of attorney's fees these lawyers could get, depending upon how much money they recovered for their plaintiff client; is that correct?