2:46 PM EST
Bob Corker, R-TN

Mr. CORKER. Madam President, I have just finished my second tour of all 95 counties in our State. In 91 of the 95 counties in our State, women do not have access to the types of medical services they should have. The reason is that this whole issue of malpractice is especially prevalent in the issue of OB. That is the area of babies being born. Obviously, a physician cannot determine if there is going to be a genetic deficiency of some kind or something else. But trial lawyers are out there waiting

to ensure that no matter what happens, even if it is by the grace of God that something happens that is not so good, the fact is a trial lawyer is waiting there to take advantage of a physician. So they have just decided to leave that particular industry.

We have had a bunch of side-by-side votes here. The American people understand the trickery that takes place. Fortunately, Senator McCain's favorite publication, the New York Times, pointed out what absurdity it was yesterday that we passed 100 to zip the Bennett amendment which everybody knows is toothless.

Today, we have the opportunity to actually have a values vote. The American people can determine the values of each Senator. Senator Ensign has an amendment to cap the amount trial lawyers are paid. Senator Lincoln has one to cap the amount that people who are actually delivering health insurance are paid. This is a values vote. We have a nonprofit in our State that pours every bit of its money back into providing health insurance. Senator Lincoln's amendment would

cap the amount that person is paid. Senator Ensign would cap the amount a trial lawyer is paid who is pursuing a physician and causing them to pay more. This is the first of a real values vote.