2:16 PM EST
Dean Heller, R-NV 2nd

Mr. HELLER. Madam Speaker, I yield myself 2 minutes.

Madam Speaker, here we go again. Christmas is a week away and Congress is scrambling at the last minute just so we can go home. While Americans are doing last-minute holiday shopping, the majority party is doing its last-minute spending. This year, many families are cutting back on their holiday shopping. The average holiday spending by Americans this year has dropped to $343 per person from $372 a year ago. You would think that during these tough times when most Americans are forced to tighten

their belts, Congress would do the same. No chance under this majority.

This majority stumbled into 2009 with a budget that raised the deficit by $1.8 trillion. Then Congress decided to pass an $800 billion stimulus bill, $3 billion on Cash for Clunkers, $1.3 trillion on the Democratic health care bill, a trillion dollars on cap-and-trade and, recently, another $447 billion was spent on Washington, D.C., bureaucrats. After all this spending, the national debt is now $12 trillion. Every American citizen will now owe more than $39,000 to pay for Washington's spending.

Now Democrats want to raise the debt limit to allow even more spending in 2010. The real fat cat is the Federal Government which spends, spends, spends while the American public gets stuck with the bill.

I urge my colleagues to reject raising the debt limit. Give the gift that America deserves: a responsible Federal budget.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I reserve the balance of my time.