2:41 PM EST
John Tanner, D-TN 8th

Mr. TANNER. It's a structural deficit. When one considers that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, interest on the debt and the national defense account for 85 cents out of every dollar, you can't cut enough out of the 15 percent to take care of this problem. It's not what we're doing. It's not what we're spending. It's what we're not doing, and that is we are not addressing the structural deficit.

And the only way we are going to get at that is through either statutory PAYGO or an entitlement commission, and hopefully both. It's not what we're doing, it's what we're not doing, and it is a decade-old problem that is getting worse every year. And until this Congress can come together, Democrats and Republicans, what we have around here is too many Republican Americans or too many Democratic Americans instead of American Democrats and American Republicans.

I'm telling you, the time is now for American Democrats and American Republicans to get together over the next 60 days and figure out what we're going to do, because we are on an unsustainable financial course.