2:43 PM EST
Kevin Brady, R-TX 8th

Mr. BRADY of Texas. Madam Speaker, it is interesting to hear our Democrat friend's newfound interest in paying for the war. That hasn't always been the case. Here is what the current majority leader said on this House floor in 2004 when the debt limit was proposed to be raised and we were at war. What now-majority leader Mr. Hoyer said: raising the debt limit is immoral. Its disastrous consequence has threatened to cripple our future prosperity and haunt future generations. He said this

policy of borrow and spend is not only irresponsible, it is immoral, and it must stop. We are literally mortgaging our future.

These are their words, not ours.

The truth of the matter is, what we are voting on today is a down payment, a two-step, $2 trillion increase in our debt, two-step, $2 trillion increase in our debt. And what it means for American families is that the day Nancy Pelosi took the gavel to become Speaker of this House, every man, woman and child in America owed $29,000 in debt. Today, as a result of this vote and next year's debt limit, every person in America will owe $45,000 in public debt.

[Time: 14:45]

Three years, we've increased to $45,000 in public debt. It is responsible to pay our bills; it's irresponsible to keep going into debt and asking for more credit while we do it. It's time to stop spending.