2:57 PM EST
Joe Crowley, D-NY 7th

Mr. CROWLEY. I thank my good friend from Massachusetts for yielding me the time.

The Republicans keep claiming that Federal spending and deficits are growing under the Democrats, but let's look at the facts.

Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence said just a few minutes ago that they, the Republicans, doubled the national debt in 8 years to almost $12 trillion. And you know what? Mike is right. About an hour or so ago Republican Jeff Flake said spending was out of control when Republicans were in charge of Congress and the White House. And you know what? He was right as well. And the funny thing, when President George Bush was voted into office he inherited a multi-trillion

dollar surplus of funds from President [Page: H15426]

Clinton and the Democrats. So the party who borrowed and spent and squandered surpluses is now standing in the way of moving forward in the right path.

The very Republicans who refused to run the country like our constituents have to run their households--buying only what they can afford--are opposed to legislation that will ensure all new spending and tax cuts are paid for. This would prevent us from adding to the deficit, yet Republicans are opposed, arguing they should be allowed to tax and borrow from the Chinese at will, but only for their priorities.

So the hangover from President Bush and Republican control of Congress still lingers. It was Republicans who pushed a $700 billion bailout package for the banks, a package that Democrats and President Obama are demanding be paid back--and with interest--from those very same banks. Then we had tax cuts for the wealthiest in America, with no assistance to the middle class, and then a refusal to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Democrats are correcting these disastrous decisions by our Republican


The only thing more galling than the inaccuracy and denial of the Republicans of their own records and votes is their hypocrisy on this issue of their own out-of-control spending and legacy of deficits.

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