2:59 PM EST
Steve Scalise, R-LA 1st

Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank the gentleman from Nevada for yielding.

Madam Speaker, this is my congressional voting card. Unfortunately, some of the liberals running this Congress think that this is a credit card that has an unlimited balance. Today, they stand before us, trying to add another $290 billion of limit onto their credit cards because they have maxed out the previous at $12 trillion. The American people are saying enough is enough. They want us to cap the debt, and we need to.

We filed legislation that has over 70 cosponsors that would do just that--that would cap the debt and say now let's start paying it down. The first rule of hole says, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. The American people are saying stop the massive spending. Stop adding to our debt. Stop throwing more and more spending and debt onto the backs of our children and our grandchildren. Let's rein in fiscal irresponsibility.

That's why we are opposing this legislation. We proposed responsible alternatives like the CAP the DEBT Act. Of course, they don't want to bring it up because all they want to do is walk around here, thinking that they're Santa Claus at Christmastime, borrowing more money and spending more money that we don't have.