3:02 PM EST
Louie Gohmert Jr., R-TX 1st

Mr. GOHMERT. Madam Speaker, we were asked: How can we vote to have troops go to Iraq and not be willing to pay for them?

Well, the problem is we keep having things added to the bills that will pay for these things. We keep adding things like Gitmo language, like we're going to move the people from Gitmo and spend tens or hundreds of millions of dollars unnecessarily just to make some political point.

We hear people across the aisle say, Gee. You know, we can't afford to lose respect around the world if we forfeit on the debt. Don't forfeit on the debt. You don't gain respect when you keep calling the credit card company and saying, I know I'm not making any payments, but if you'll just keep increasing my debt limit, I know you'll have more respect for me. No, that's not how it works.

We are told across the aisle we have no solutions. Go look at the bills that are waiting to come to the floor. I've got a zero baseline budget that doesn't allow the automatic increases. That would make a huge contribution, and we could bring down the debt. Yet there are no indications, nothing to indicate that the spending is going to be controlled. It is outrageous what we are doing to future generations. Any parent who would go in and tell the bank, Keep loaning to me, and I promise my kids

will repay it, would be considered an unfit parent.

Yes, the people in America were promised change. What they have gotten is exponentially more spending than Republicans had done before. It's time for a change. Stop spending. Vote this down.