8:26 PM EDT
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-MI 13th

Ms. KILPATRICK. Mr. Speaker, I thank our chairman for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, this is a good bill. We are legislators. The President has a job and we who represent the people have a job. It funds the war, a war that the other side started, and the speech that they are giving tonight is the same speech they gave 4 years ago.

It's time to change course. This bill funds veterans who have been wounded severely, children who need health care, and all the emergencies that this country needs to address and has not been taking care of the last decade.

Pass the bill.

Mr. President, sign the bill. It's the best bill. The Senate and House have agreed, and we don't care that the President has said, before we even passed it out of the first Chamber, that he would veto it. We have to pass this bill, bring our troops home, and have a plan for success.

This is a good conference report. Americans, speak out. If the President does veto the bill, there is something to be paid. The troops need our help and our support, and I thank Chairman Obey and Chairman Murtha for their leadership. Vote for the conference report.