8:34 PM EDT
David Scott, D-GA 13th

Mr. SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, you know, it's hard for me to even sit here and hear the other side talk about this, because they are missing the point. This is about our soldiers. If you care about our soldiers, you say you care about our soldiers, you will vote for this supplemental.

This supplemental has over $4 billion more than what the President asked for in everything. I'll tell you what this supplemental is about. It's about those soldiers that I visited in Landstuhl, Germany. On three different occasions, every time we went over to Iraq and over to Afghanistan we'd make a stop to come back.

You want to know what this supplemental is about? It's about those sons and daughters, 19 and 20 years old, who will never walk again with their legs because they have been cut off.

You talk about the President wants to veto this. Let's send it to him. Let him veto it. If he vetoes this bill that's got the money in it for the body armor that he sent troops into battlefield without, let him veto this. If he vetoes this bill, it will be like sending a dagger right in the heart of our soldiers.