1:24 PM EDT
Bobby Scott, D-VA 3rd

Mr. SCOTT of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding.

As many of our student veterans have come to realize, the current Montgomery GI Bill falls far short in meeting the needs of today's college students. The current program is designed as a benefit for peacetime service and was never intended as a wartime benefit.

The 21st Century GI Bill in this bill will give our men and women in uniform who have served multiple tours of duty and extended tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan the educational benefits similar to the ones earned in World War II. Our veterans today have served multiple tours of duty. They are getting pulled away from school, their jobs, and their families. The current GI Bill does not honor their service sufficiently. This bill will.

I commend our bipartisan cosponsors, especially my Virginia colleague, Jim Webb, for writing this bill. This bill will honor the service of our veterans. We need to pass this bill.