1:29 PM EDT
Todd Tiahrt, R-KS 4th

Mr. TIAHRT. I thank the gentleman from California.

Mr. Speaker, Washington is broken and it needs to be changed. This bill has been excluded from the normal rules and regulations of the House, and America's Representatives have not had their voices heard or their rights allowed. It would be a totally different bill if we had not violated the House rules and let the committee process work. Washington is broken and we need to have it changed.

[Time: 13:30]

For example, if we had committee meetings, we would not have had a tax increase in here. We have a huge tax increase in this bill that affects small business owners. Eighty percent or 83 percent of the taxes here, of the people that are going to be taxed here, are small businessmen.

Now, in Kansas, just like a lot of America, four out five jobs are created by small businesses. And for those of [Page: H3941]

you that have not been reading the newspaper, our country is in a period of slow growth. This is exactly the time we need to strengthen small businesses, instead of punishing them through this bill. Eighty-three percent of the people punished in this bill are people that are creating jobs.

If we'd had a committee process, we may not have added in other ancillary issues into this idea. Instead, we would have had a clean bill that would address the needs of our young men and women who are faithfully serving this Nation, protecting our families, take the fight to the enemy and helping us keep this country safe.

But, Mr. Speaker, Washington is broken and it needs to be changed. We have avoided the committee process and because of that, there are portions of this bill that could have been improved, portions of it that could have been improved for our veterans that have served so faithfully, come home to us broken, people we need to take care of. But because the committee was not involved in this process, we have not had the ability to improve this care for those who have done so much for us. The reason

is, Mr. Speaker, is because Washington is broken and it needs to be changed.

We need to use the committee process. The committee process is a very important part of this. It's been violative of our own House rules. Washington is broken and it needs to be changed.