1:42 PM EDT
Rahm Emanuel, D-IL 5th

Mr. EMANUEL. Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleagues from Wisconsin and from Pennsylvania.

This is about our eighth war funding supplemental, emergency spending for the war. But what's intriguing about this one is that, in every other war supplemental, we've asked the American taxpayers to give the Iraqis approximately $50 billion to rebuild their country, schools, hospitals, roads, electricity, all so Iraq can rebuild after the war. And this is the first supplemental that we've asked to rebuild America. These kids lives, approximately the same amount of money.

Over the last eight funding bills for the war, we've dedicated approximately $50 billion of American money to rebuild Iraq's schools and roads. We're asking approximately a little over $50 billion to help these kids, our GIs, to rebuild their lives, to get the education that they've earned, to start on a new life for them and their family, whether they be Guard, Reserve or active duty.

So there has been no conscience, no problem when it came to Iraq's roads. They got the money. There was no problem when it came to Iraqi schools and hospitals. We said that was our moral obligation, to help Iraq get back on their feet.

What moral obligation do we have to our own GIs to get back on their feet?

[Time: 13:45]

Where is the decency to these kids who we've sent, not once, not twice, some of them three times who signed up to be Guard or Reserve and then we've implemented a stop-loss program that totally changed the contracts?