1:44 PM EDT
Rahm Emanuel, D-IL 5th

Mr. EMANUEL. We have an obligation to these children to restart their lives.

At the height of 1949, the original GI Bill of Rights for World War II was 1 percent of our GDP. This is far less. And look how well that paid off for this country. Everybody knows somebody who went to school on that GI Bill. We are doing right by those kids who are doing right by us.

You have compared this war with the equivalent of what we've done in World War II. Well, let's make it the equivalent by giving these kids a GI Bill. They've earned it every day doing something that not one of us have done in this context.

And yes, we've asked those who are the most well-off in this country, people we all know, to pay a little so these kids can go to college and pursue their dream that they made possible for us because of their sacrifice. And I know a lot of those people, and they're willing to pay a little more to make sure that these kids have an opportunity for the American Dream.