1:50 PM EDT
John Tanner, D-TN 8th

Mr. TANNER. Mr. Speaker, when these people say they're going to provide the resources for the war and for the veterans but they're not going to pay for it, what they're really saying is China is going to provide the resources to our veterans; China is going to finance this war because that's what has been going on. They have borrowed more money from foreign sources since George W. Bush took office than all 42 Presidents of the United States before him put together, and they still want to keep


And talk about working families, we are asking people who make over $1 million a year to increase their taxes $500 for these veterans to go to college so the veterans will not be subject to future deficits and future matters that may be beyond our control where the program has to be cut.

This is dedicated funding, and it comes from those in this country who have the most to give to the people who gave the most with no arms and no legs. I have seen them and you have seen them at Walter Reed and Bethesda.