1:52 PM EDT
Stephen Buyer, R-IN 4th

Mr. BUYER. I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I would like to limit my remarks to the veterans' education benefits that's contained in the amendment.

I don't believe that there is a Member here in the House who opposes improving the GI Bill. What I find objectionable and, Mr. Speaker, I have listened to the lectures by the then-ranking member and now the chairman of Appropriations with regard to process over the years and how conflicted he must feel, the fact that his leadership has directed him to bring a bill to the floor that has not gone through the process and, matter of fact, that there's no bipartisanship in agreement. You had brought

bills to the floor before that didn't go through the appropriations process, but you two had agreements.

So you must be incredibly conflicted at the moment because you have given us lectures on process, and now you've thrown all of your lectures out the window.