1:53 PM EDT
Stephen Buyer, R-IN 4th

Mr. BUYER. Mr. Speaker, he's thrown all of them out the window.

What upsets most of us who sit on the Veterans' Affairs Committee is in fact there was a response. Chairwoman Herseth Sandlin and Ranking Member John Boozman have a bill. It's called H.R. 5684, and that bill was amended through regular order in the House. And what that bill did was improve the existing GI model, and the entire committee passed it.

Now what has happened, instead of using the bill that came from the Veterans' Affairs Committee, she hijacked that process to bring a bill in the Senate that the House here has never even considered. We've never had any hearings on it. It might be the greatest of bills, but if we're about to do this, Mr. Murtha and others, for all of our comrades and buddies and pals, we better make sure it's done right.

So in this process, I also know, and I agree with Mr. Tanner's remarks, Mr. Speaker, about paying for.

Now I'm going to vote for this. I'm going to vote for it not because I like the tax provisions. I would have much preferred some offsets. I also recognize the Senate probably aren't going to go with the tax provisions.

But we better be smart about our business here because if this House adopts this bill, we're going to have to be correcting it in conference instead of doing our business like we should have done in the House.