2:04 PM EDT
David R. Obey, D-WI 7th

Mr. OBEY. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself 1 minute.

Mr. Speaker, Just Imagine! The mortal sin that we're accused of committing on this side of the aisle is believing that we ought to provide some additional economic assistance to people [Page: H3945]

who have been hit the hardest by economic dislocation and have been unemployed until their benefits have expired and haven't been able to find a job.

It's suggested that we're doing this ``on the backs'' of our fighting men and women who return home. I'd suggest it's just the opposite. When a man or a woman returns home from Iraq, when we find out that in addition to their having their reentry problem, they also, some of them, may have post-trauma stress reaction, they find out in addition to what they have to worry about for themselves, they also have to worry about the fact that their sister or their brother-in-law is now unemployed, adding

to the burden on that family.