2:12 PM EDT
Zach Wamp, R-TN 3rd

Mr. WAMP. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I don't want to get into the blame game because the American people are sick and tired of the blame game. I think the truth is, Republicans screwed up running this place, and now Democrats are screwing up running this place. So there's plenty of blame to go around. And they're sick and tired of this process debate because they don't understand how it affects them.

But let me say to the people who are talking process. If the Congress is not going to work together on matters of the military funding at a time of war, the Congress is never going to work together. And that is the underlying problem, and it does affect our lives. [Page: H3946]

I've got a nephew in Iraq right now. I've got another nephew on his way to Afghanistan and that affects our lives.

I am the ranking member of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee. I heard my chairman, Mr. Edwards, whom I very much respect, go through 3 minutes of excellent reasons why to support this bill, but not one time did he talk about anybody on this side because we didn't have any voice in the process. He didn't compliment anything over here because we were not involved this time around. I think we should be.

And the way that they pay for the extras in this bill are with taxes. We don't want to raise your taxes. And I know that we're spending a lot of money in Iraq, but it's easy for everybody to forget, over half the Democrats in the United States Senate voted to remove Saddam Hussein by force. Almost half the Democrats in the House voted to remove Saddam Hussein by force.

[Time: 14:15]

The President of the United States acknowledged just a week ago that he never should have said ``Mission Accomplished,'' and he shouldn't have because it's not. We've got a long way to go.

This is the serious business of freedom, and it needs to be funded without all the extraneous stuff, and frankly, all the tricks associated with getting what they want in addition to what we need. And they're doing it with tax increases, and it's the wrong way. And I'm sorry, I'm not blaming anybody; we just need to do better.