2:33 PM EDT
Thad McCotter, R-MI 11th

Mr. McCOTTER. Mr. Speaker, we find ourselves today as a minority party watching a very perplexing bill come towards us. It's perplexing in the sense that we watch a majority party which has promised America to end the war, which many of us, I think, rightly view and the world will view as an American defeat because it has failed and cannot be changed to the point where America can win. We've also watched a majority party tell us that the spending on the Iraq war has destroyed the American

economy. We can differ on that but that is their position. And we now watch the Democratic Party bring forward a bill that will fund a failed war and will evidently, by their logic, further decimate the American economy.

Now how does one come to the conclusion that this is a necessary step for said party? Well, you have discretionary spending added into it. Now, I would argue that a fine piece of legislation has been attached to this bill, which was introduced by the gentleman from Washington, to help people who are unemployed. Thanks to the policies of my State legislature, which has raised taxes and helped drive business out of Michigan, we have seen that people need unemployment insurance to get themselves

through difficult times in the hopes they can find employment.

Which brings me to the next problem with this, which is in an attempt to help veterans, we are raising taxes on small business income. Eighty percent of the income that will be taxed comes from small business. So now what we have is an attempt to show that we can fund a war that we believe has failed with money that has decimated the American economy by going overseas; yet we will try to help the unemployed, who will further suffer from this, and we will try to help veterans who come back from

that war by making sure that there are no jobs here waiting for them.

Again, it is a very perplexing bill. I would suggest to the gentleman who earlier suggested there was nothing Congress could do to end this war to rethink the position.