2:36 PM EDT
Thad McCotter, R-MI 11th

Mr. McCOTTER. Congress still holds the power of the purse. If the war is not funded, the war cannot continue. That's perhaps a position I disagree with, but it is a factual matter. If you are serious about this, you would do that.

Or you would have a straightforward vote on funding the troops to ensure that we continue to move forward and that America is not defeated in Iraq. You would have dealt with the McDermott bill and sent it to the President despite his veto threat because he has also threatened to veto this legislation. There would be much Republican support for this. And then you would deal with the veterans in the way they should be.

Now many friends of mine are Blue Dogs. You were not questioned on your patriotism when you determined that this money for veterans had to be offset. No one said you cared more about big government than veterans. I would suggest that those of us who want to make sure our economy recovers and do not want to tax it into submission and decimation should not have any patriotism questioned about supporting veterans by opposing tax increases and instead looking for cuts in Federal pork to pay for it.