2:39 PM EDT
Hal Rogers, R-KY 5th

Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. And the full chairman of the committee did the same thing. He didn't draft this bill. This bill was given to him. And the Members of the minority have had no say in what's in this bill.

The people of this country deserve to have their representatives in Congress have a say-so in what comes before the House and what's debated on the House floor, and we have not been given that.

This is a dictatorship here. This bill has not seen the light of day. It has not been the subject of amendments. We have not been allowed to ask questions. We didn't know what was in it until yesterday, a bill this thick.

So the process here is flawed. And it's the first time that I recollect in my 28 years here of a bill coming to the floor, an appropriations bill, without the minority's having a say-so unless they had agreed to it. This is a new procedure we are having here.